Thursday, September 30, 2010

simple, elegant halloween decorations

Burdened with an obsession with holidays (it's genetics, I promise you), I am constantly engaged in a struggle between classy and kitschy when it comes to holiday decorating.  There is a teeny-tiny part of me that would prefer to outfit the entire apartment with spiderwebs, gloomy black candelabra, life-size wax witch get the idea.  So I spend a lot of time trolling for holiday decor inspiration that is festive but still classy, so I'm not straying in to full-blown haunted mansion territory. 

I found just such inspiration at Country Living, in a home that keeps the spooky spirit alive and well without throwing everything into a kerfuffle.

I love the little details here and there–aren't those ravens in the bathroom so creepy?

Images by Mikkel Vang from Country Living.

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